Examples of Cell Antennas

Following are the examples of cellular antennas. Click on the image to enlarge.

Rooftop Antennas

Antenna 1
Three sector antenna array with multiple technologies and frequency bands
Antenna 2 Omni-directional antenna array on residential rooftop
Antenna 3 Panel antennas on commercial rooftop

Building Side Mounted Antennas

Antenna 4
Directional antennas and cables painted to match the building
Antenna 5
Panel antennas mounted adjacent to an outdoor seating area
Antenna 6
Directional antennas mounted on the edge of a parking structure

Utility Poles

Antenna 7
Antenna array mounted on a high voltage transmission tower
Antenna 8
Directional antennas mounted on an electrical distribution pole
Antenna 9
Direction antennas mounted on a joint utility pole with electricity, fiber, cable or phone, and street lighting

Antenna 10
Antennas mounted on athletic field light pole
Antenna 11
Antennas mounted on a light standard
Antenna 12
Antennas mounted on a street lamp

Stealth Antennas

Antenna 13
Antennas hidden in church steeple
Antenna 14 Antennas hidden above utility room
Antenna 15 Array of antennas hidden within commercial sign

Antenna 16Antenna arrays hidden behind screening material
Antenna 17
Antennas built directly into building parapet
Antenna 18Directional antennas built into building facade

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