RF CHECK Solution

Safety and health professionals agree that the best way to protect the public and workers from this potential hazard is a comprehensive RF radiation and tower climber safety solution that involves all interested parties.

As a result, RF CHECK is implementing a patented National RF Radiation Safety protocol that will ensure workers have the necessary training, certification and dynamic site specific safety information to protect themselves.

As a neutral third party, RF CHECK has spent the last 5 years and tens of million of dollars in developing a comprehensive and proprietary database system to protect the public and all workers in the United States at transmission sites, be they state, municipal, or commercially owned.

The RF CHECK system involves all parties that transmit RF radiation, those that host transmission sites, municipalities who regulate the local siting process, and persons who can be affected by RF exposures or tower climber hazards.

The system is designed to be very effective in preventing the public and workers, educating and alleviating the concerns of the public regarding wireless antennas, and in easing the siting process. All of these functions are absolutely essential to enable wireless communications to meet the demands of the public.

RF CHECK has garnered broad support from national organizations and others including:

  • FCC Licensees' Safety and Health Directors
  • FCC Licensees' Compliance Directors
  • Insurance Brokers & Carriers
  • Communications Workers of America
  • International Association of Fire Fighters
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • AFL-CIO Building & Construction Trades Unions
  • National Association of Counties
  • Building Owners & Managers Association
  • State Public Utility Commissions
  • State and Local Governments
RF CHECK... is a socially responsible company that provides RF safety for all workers and the public.

RF CHECK... is dedicating a substantial amount of its earnings to assist local and state governmental agencies (at no cost) in RF safety and compliance issues.

RF CHECK... is preparing to launch its comprehensive RF safety and health system nationwide and will create over 4,500 well paying American jobs with full benefits.
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